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Triskellian's pseudo-academic ramblings

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December 16th, 2007

10:40 pm - Girl's own website
I posted here when I was just starting to design my Girl's Own Paper website, and now I've finished I'm posting again :-)

bateleur and undyingking, thank you both for your feedback - it was very helpful. I hope you agree with me that even though there are still problems with the masthead, it's better than it was. I'm submitting it in the morning, so now is not the time for pointing out any non-fatal glitches; I'm not being marked on web design ;-)

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October 19th, 2007

11:39 pm - Independent study

Two and a half years on from when I last posted here, I have another web-based assignment, so I'm dusting off this community to post about it. I'm in the honours stage of my degree, at last, which means I have less than a year - and only four modules - to go. One of the modules I'm doing this semester is my independent study, which is:

Victorian values for the 21st century: an experiment in web-designing the Girl's Own Paper

The Girl's Own Paper began production in 1880, at a time when "girls'" position in society was just beginning to change. In 2007, that change is still not complete, and girls' concerns and interests sometimes seem to have hardly changed at all; the publishing industry serving them, however, has changed enormously. By producing a website for the Girl's Own Paper (and accompanying narrative), I will analyse and reflect upon some of the societal and technological changes of the last 130 years.

I'm not sure yet precisely what I'm going to write about in the actual essay, but I've spent a lot of time over the last two days beginning to design the website. That's the bit to do first anyway, because part of the essay will be 'reflecting' upon the process. And because I've semi-committed to present the website and associated research to this semester's cohort of a module I took a couple of years ago, which is taught by the lecturer who is supervising me.

So the website is the point of this post. It's at www.triskellian.com/girlsown/ - there's no content there yet (my scanner is not working), but the design is more-or-less there. I've still got to do some tweaking with the masthead, and I'm not completely happy with the interaction of some of the boxes, but I feel as if I've made progress.

Comments and (constructive!) criticism are welcome.

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May 6th, 2005

09:01 pm - Table of contents

The nature of a blog is that content is presented in reverse chronological order. This may not be the best order to read it. I particularly recommend reading the guide to LJ and related terminology first, because there are words I'm using in a slightly different sense from their everyday meaning. Otherwise, reading entries in the order in which I wrote them is probably the best way, but for reference, this is a list of posts, in chronological order:

  1. 16-4-05: Introduction*
  2. 16-4-05: First task; thoughts about the medium
  3. 23-4-05: First draft of poll questions
  4. 24-4-05: The poll, showing bar charts of the aggregated data*
  5. 25-4-05: [My] First responses to the poll
  6. 28-4-05: Stats horror
  7. 30-4-05: Useful lessons learnt so far
  8. 2-5-05: Some preliminary results and discussion thereof
  9. 5-5-05: The possibly superfluous but just-in-case non-LJ-users' guide to Livejournal and related terminology*
  10. 6-5-05: How did we get here, and what are we doing now we're here
  11. 6-5-05: Aside
  12. 6-5-05: Differences between men and women
  13. 6-5-05: Problems with the data
  14. 6-5-05: Summing up

The posts marked * have the function of appendices.

Scrolling further down this page will show you the entries in reverse chronological order. For longer entries, you'll have to click the link in brackets to take you to the full entry (it's a method of shortening content so it takes up less screen space on other users' "friends" pages). The links above are all to the expanded entry.

Icon note: same as in the previous post :-)

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08:36 pm - Assignment title: The use of Livejournal as a social tool
Summing upCollapse )

Icon note: I'm going on holiday tomorrow, and now I've nearly finished, I'm allowed to start thinking about it :-)

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07:01 pm - Problems with the data
This is a brief note on some of the problems with the data that have occured to me as I've gone along.Collapse )

Icon note: cats, because Cobweb is helping again ;-)

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06:19 pm - Differences between men and women
How did men and women answer the poll differently?Collapse )


  • I've already talked about my reservations about comparing this kind of data for men and women (in the post called Some preliminary results and discussion thereof).
  • Livejournal has a large number of users who do not identify as either male or female. It was an issue I considered when I was drafting the poll, but I decided male and female would suffice for my purposes (partly because at that time I was thinking of it as a poll which would largely be filled in by people I know). One person, who didn't fill in the poll, left me a comment mentioning this.
  • Icon note: writing again.

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12:53 pm - Aside
Cobweb [one of my cats] would like it to be known that she's helping. Instead of sitting on my lap in such a way as to obstruct my ability to type, she's sitting half on one of my legs and leaving my arms mostly free. This is a great concession on her part, because she doesn't really approve of me using my computer, and can't understand how it could contain anything more interesting than her. She doesn't realise all of my friends are hiding inside.

No, this isn't related to the topic of my assignment, except in the most tenuous metablogging sense, but it's part of the process of the assignment. I'm sitting at my computer, and in various houses and offices my friends are sitting at their computers too. It's a tiny bit of social contact, even though I'm alone in the house (apart from Cobweb, and possibly Puck [the other cat]).

Icon note: obvious, I think ;-)

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11:01 am - How did we get here, and what are we doing now we're here
(I wrote this yesterday)

A history of our online socialising, and what we're doing here nowCollapse )

Icon note: the lyrics on this icon strike me as appropriate for election-fever.

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May 5th, 2005

01:11 pm - The possibly superfluous but just-in-case non-LJ-users' guide to Livejournal and related terminology

Some of the terminology I've been using in posts here is probably not entirely clear to any hypothetical non-LJ-user who might be marking this assignment. In particular, I'm a bit concerned that my use of "post" and "comment" isn't clear to those who don't know much about the medium.

So this is an attempt to explain any aspects of LJ which may not be clear...Collapse )

Icon note: I've just been writing about icons, so here's my icon obsessive icon, with little pictures of lots of my other icons ;-)

Current Mood: busybusy

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May 2nd, 2005

02:20 pm - Some preliminary results and discussion thereof
This is quite longCollapse )

Icon note: it's my writing icon. That's all ;-)

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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